At DAL Commercial Capital, we understand that running a business takes time. That’s why we design our financing options to be as simple as possible. With purchase order financing, you can focus on your customers and leave the business of order fulfillment to us. At the same time, this excellent alternative financing option gives you the capital you need for products, making your customers happy.

The benefits of purchase order financing for business owners

Let’s face it – having to manage inventory isn’t fun. It takes time to calculate how much product you need to carry to handle customer orders. Purchase order financing simplifies everything. With this system, all  you have to do is submit a purchase order from your clients. We send payment for the products needed to your suppliers. We coordinate delivery and ensure your customers receive everything they’re expecting. You can stay focused on other essential parts of running your business, confident that your clients will get everything they need on time, every time.

Types of businesses PO financing can help

At DAL Commercial Capital, we have experience with countless different industries:

  • Producers
  • Distributors
  • Wholesalers
  • Resellers
  • Importers
  • Manufacturers
  • Exporters

We can help your business get the financing it needs for smooth operations. Contact us today to find out more about PO financing or sign up.