If you are planning to open a retail store or you’ve just started your retail operation, you know that operating cash may be needed often, and finding the right retail financing can be difficult. 

Why Do Retail Stores Need Financing? 

For starters, retail financing may be needed to purchase real estate, along with furniture, fixtures, and signage. Then there are the ongoing needs of purchasing sufficient inventory to support sales, paying employees, acquiring technology, and investing in marketing. Also, there is a critical need to support satisfactory cash flow.

What Are the Financing Options for Your Retail Business? 

Finding the best loans for your retail store starts with understanding the available retail financing options which include: 

• SBA loans. SBA loans are provided through banks that have a partnership with the Small Business Administration. These loans typically offer better rates and terms than traditional term loans.  

• Traditional commercial loans. Commercial loans are available through banks and credit unions. However, approval times can be lengthy and requirements stringent.  

• Line of credit. For an established retail business, a line of credit can be taken out and the funds used and replenished as needed.  

• Equipment financing. Instead of purchasing technology items, furniture, fixtures, or equipment. Get equipment financing, using the item itself as collateral.  

• For an established business, a merchant cash advance based on credit card sales can be a good option.  

• Franchisor assistance. For a franchised retail store, the franchisor may offer financing assistance. Either through a partnership with a financial institution or by providing financial assistance from the corporation itself.  

• Alternative lenders. These lenders can often offer financing with fewer requirements and restrictions compared to traditional lenders.   

Make sure that you have the required qualifications including a solid business plan and credit score. 

Seek Expert Retail Financing Assistance 

Contact the business lending experts at DAL Commercial Capital, based in Wallingford, CT. We offer many different loan types for small and large businesses. Our experienced and certified financing professionals can help you get the loan you need.