Effectively managing finances is one of the crucial factors in initiating a startup business. Many startups fail because owners do not pay sufficient attention to finances and instead focus on more dynamic and creative aspects of their companies. Here are some tried-and-proven strategies to help you successfully manage the financial health of your startup business.

Learn the Basics

Although you don’t need to be a financial expert, as the owner of a startup business it is imperative that you understand the basics of business finance. If there are gaps in your knowledge, obtain the educational resources and tools to fill them.

Separate Personal and Business Finances

Separating your personal finances from those of your company demonstrates professionalism, protects your personal assets and makes tax filing less complicated. One of the best ways to do this is to set up a business bank account.

Analyze Logistics

After educating yourself in the basics of startup business finances, you will more easily be able to estimate important details such as how much initial funding you will require and how long it will take before the products and services you offer will achieve profitability. Keep in mind that you will save money by focusing on a niche consumer audience instead of a population that is too broad.

Create a Financial Forecast

Calculate your company’s long-term profitability by forecasting your finances based on your present and past fiscal situations. Remember that expenses will be high and revenue relatively low when you are starting out.

Take Steps to Strengthen Cash Flow

Efficient cash flow management is vital to startup business success. Send out invoices immediately upon delivery of goods or completion of services. Reduce expenses wherever possible. Keep on hand only the inventory you absolutely need.

Consider Outside Funding Options

Unless you are entirely bootstrapping your business, you may require additional funding to help your company thrive and grow. Consider funding options that may be available to you such as loans, peer-to-peer lending, lines of credit, grants, merchant cash advances, and accounts receivable factoring.

Obtain Expert Assistance

If you are struggling to manage your business finances, get some help from professionals. Obtain assistance from an accountant, bookkeeper, or financial consultant so that you can focus your attention on running your business.

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