Our society sees failure as a terrible fate, but successful entrepreneurs find it valuable. We are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of overcoming mistakes. It even seems like those making many mistakes become some of the strongest and most successful. Here’s why you should accept (and expect) failure to find business success.

Trial-and-Error Approach

As you start businesses, you realize that many answers aren’t available. In those cases, you will find that the only option is to jump into the water to reveal what’s in there. The trial-and-error approach helps you find answers where there would otherwise be none. You will make plenty of mistakes throughout the entire process.

You Learn What Doesn’t Work

You don’t know what flavor of ice cream you don’t like until you try it. Likewise, you don’t know what doesn’t work in your business until you try it, too. Arguably, knowing what doesn’t work is more helpful than what actually does work. Knowing what doesn’t work saves you time and money. Once you know what doesn’t work, you won’t need to try it again.

You Make Fewer Mistakes

Although it’s unpleasant to have to make and face your mistakes, you will find that there are fewer and fewer of them. Somewhere down the line, you realize that mistakes don’t slam into you like they once did. Actually, it seems like you don’t make any more mistakes at all! Making many mistakes at the start helped you to stop making them altogether—how ironic.

You Become an Expert

Experts rarely become that way by just studying things. In reality, experts become true experts by putting themselves out there, making mistakes, and learning from experience. You can become an expert through certifications and training, but you won’t be a true expert until you have made enough mistakes.

You Become Humble and Wise

Getting everything right on the first try creates inflated egos. Those with mistakes under their belts understand how difficult things can be. After a few mistakes, you are sure to develop a humbler persona. You will develop the wisdom to deal with situations and make wise decisions.

Entrepreneurs and startups are not always perfect. The reality is that no one is perfect, and neither are business plans. The process of making and overcoming mistakes is what truly makes our society grow as a whole. The sooner you make mistakes, the sooner you can build success.